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The Howard Electric Company

Established in 1986, The Howard Electric Company has steadily grown into one of Southern California's more reliable and professional electrical contractors.

Over the years we have serviced many businesses, both large and small. Ensuring that each one of our customers receives the same professional service by our expert electricians.

Our goal is to provide all customers, new and old, with the same efficient service at the most cost effective rate. This helps to explain why many of our original clients still hold accounts with us today

The Howard Electric Company uses the quality products of
Cooper Lighting, Halo & Lithonia:

      Cooper Lighting       Halo       Lithonia Lighting

1888 Century Park East, 10'Floor, Century City, CA 90067

Description: 10,000 Square foot build-out.

High-end entertainment suite with (2) extensive conference room designs
IT computer room with new electric panels and transformer.

Electrical contract:    $ 165,184.00
General Contractor:    Taslimi Construction
Architect:    ISI. Interior Space International
1888 Century Park East, 11th Floor, Century City, CA 90067

Description: 12,000 Square foot build-out.

High-end corporate suite with decorative lighting in reception and conference rooms.
New lighting throughout.

Electrical contract:    $94,140.00
General Contractor:    RN Field Construction
909 North Sepulveda Blvd, 6th & 7th Floors, El Segundo, CA 90245

DESCRIPTION: 31,626 Square foot space for Advertising Company.

Complete build-out of raw space. New electrical panels and Transformers.
Open ceiling with exposed conduit system
Extensive lighting design, (12) fixture manufactures.
Over 600 new light fixtures installed.

1,000 feet of aluminum cable tray installed for Telephone / data wiring,
Two server rooms with UPS power.

(40) new VAV. Units requiring power, EMS controls and fire alarm interface.
Conduit installation for (65) fire alarm devices.

Electrical Contract: $ 437,423.00
General Contractor:   Sierra Pacific Constructors
Architect:   Shubin & Donaldson
1888 Century Park East, 12th Floor, Century City, CA 90067

DESCRIPTION: 25,114 Square feet, fullfloor.

Full-floor Tenant Improvement project.
New lighting throughout the entire floor.
Extensive power distribution.
Server room power and building energy management system.

Electrical Contract: $180,000.00
General Contractor:   Cannon Constructors
Architect:   Klawiter and Associates
1640 South Sepulveda Blvd, West Los Angeles, CA 90045

DESCRIPTION: 3,300 SF New retail bank location.

High-end customer service area with man-trap security door system.
Private offices and conference room.
Exterior ATM location.

Electrical Contract: $67,714.00
General Contractor:   Taslimi Construction
Architect:   Studio V
1888 Century Park East, Century City, CA 90067

DESCRIPTION: New Switchboards and ATS for Elevator Equipment Rooms:

Major building Elevator system upgrade to (12) passenger cabs.
Remove and replace (2) x 600 amp. three phase,480 volt switchboards that provide power to elevator equipment.

Change-over performed on two separate weekends, electrical crews working around the clock to ensure power and
operation of elevators are back on-line by Monday morning.
Each new switchboard is backed up by a new 600 Amp. Cummins ATS switch to transfer emergency power in the event of power outage.

Install (12) 100 amp 480 volt circuits to each of the (12) new elevator control cabinets.

Provide helicopter lift to transport electrical panels to rooftop elevator room.

DESCRIPTION: Building Lighting Controls

Install (2) TRIA-TEK Lighting Control Panels.
Connect each of the 21 Floors of corridor, lobby, and restroom lighting to the new panels.
Install new conduit risers throughout the building and re-wire all common lighting circuits.
Network panels to communicate via software programme. Lighting circuits can be controlled via off-site computer.

DESCRIPTION: Parking Structure Lighting Gontrols

Problem: A free-standing seven story parking structure with light fixtures on 24/7, 365 days a year.
Fixtures cannot be shut down.

Solution: Installation of an infer-red motion sensor system.
Sensors installed at all entrances and exits to the parking structure. Sensors
control lighting circuits ahead of moving vehicles, turning lights "on" before
vehicles access each of the parking levels.
1O45 Rosecrans Avenue, Gardena, CA 90247

DESCRIPTION: 260 Kilowatt Gogeneration power system.

Installation of various electrical meter switchboards, equipment control panels
and electrical systems for new Cogeneration facility.
Equipment will run from its own power source and feed power back into the SC Edison grid.
Cutting edge technology, generating savings for the client, Edison and the State of California.

Installation of new 600 amp. 480 volt SC Edison metering Panel.
Installation of Cogen disconnect and relay system.
Installation of 600 amp. three phase power to Cogenerator equipment.
Various sub-feeds to water pumps, heat exchangers, Cooling Tower and
Heat Absorption Chiller.

General Contractor:   Next>Edge Inc. / Arden Realty Inc
Equipment and Design:   Blue Point Energy, Inc.
Electrical Engineer:   H&P Systems, Inc
1348 3RD Street Promenade, Santa Monica, CA 90067

DESCRIPTION: 1,44O SF Retail/ Restaurant space.

New store for large international company.
Required new 400 amp. electrical meter section.
Co-ordination with So.Cal. Edison for power transfer.
Extensive Kitchen electrical equipment power.

Electrical Contract: $55,634.00
General Contractor:   Sierra Pacific Constructors
Architect:   PAL International
9172 Eton Avenue, Chatsworth, CA 91311

DESCRIPTION: 7,757 SF Medical Center.

Medical laboratory expansion.
Detailed power requirements for lab areas.
New electrical panels and special requirements for air conditioning and lab exhaust systems.

Electrical Contract: $57,844.00
General Contractor:   Sierra Pacific Constructors
Architect:   Colleen River Architects, lnc..
12100 Wilshire Blvd., West Los Angeles, CA 90025

DESCRIPTION: 18,000 Square feet of T.l.

Full-floor tenant improvement project.
Extensive power distribution to tenants furniture and work stations.
New server room electrical system.

Electrical Contract: $ 68,094.00
General Contractor:   Sierra Pacific Constructors
Architect:   Sharp Design Group.
5353 Grosvenor Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90066

DESCRIPTION: 8,200 SF. Advertising Firm expansion.

Major installation of new 2nd floor mezzanine area within a single-story warehouse structure.
Design build electrical power system.
Extensive power distribution to furniture work stations.
New lighting through-out.
Open ceiling with exposed conduit work

Electrical Contract: $ 67,692.00
General Contractor:   Sierra Pacific Constructors
Architect:   Clive Wilkinson Architects
22912 Victory Blvd., Woodland Hills, CA 91367

DESCRIPTION: 16,356 Square foot Retail space.

New flagship store for national company.
Over (200) new light fixtures.
New 800 amp. three phase, 480 volt power distribution system.
New transformers, new 400 amp. 120 / 208 volt panels.
New roof-top air conditioning electrical with fire alarm interface.

Electrical Contract: $ 141,582.00
General Contractor:   Sierra Pacific Constructors
Architect:   Leidenfrost / Horowitz & Associates
      STARBUCKS COFFEE SHOP at the Sheraton Hotel, LAX,
6101 West Century Blvd, Los Angeles, CA. Sheraton Hotel, The KOR Group.

DESCRIPTION: New Starbucks Coffee store.

Installation of new electric panels.
Install new downlights and track lighting.
New power circuits to display counters, blenders, espresso machines, and refrigerators.
Fast-track construction schedule.
In-house electrical engineering and Title 24.

General Contractor:   Howard S. Wright Construction Co.
Architect:   House & Robertson. AlA.
    SHULA'S RESTAURANT at the Sheraton Hotel, LAX,
6101 West Century Blvd, Los Angeles, CA. Sheraton Hotel, The KOR Group.

DESCRIPTION: New high-end steak-house and bar for the Don Shula Group, Miami FL. First Shula's restaurant on the west coast.

Sq. feet build-out of raw space.
Designer lighting throughout, extensive use of dimming systems.
Installation of art deco fixtures: chandeliers, pendant and lantern fixtures.
New power for bar and kitchen area.
Re-location of hotel electrical panels.

General Contractor:   Howard S. Wright Construction Co.
Architect:   House & Robertson. AlA.
Michigan Avenue, Santa Monica, CA

DESCRIPTION: 13,000 sq. foot office space

High bay industrial lighting.
Installation of over 400 feet of steel uni-strut to support fluorescent strip lighting.
Installation of 180 feet of steel cable tray.
Extensive conduit work for telephone system.

General Contractor:   Sierra Pacific Constructors
Architect:   Shubin + Donaldson, ALA
720 E. Colorado Blvd. Pasadena, CA 91101
4261 Inland Empire Blvd. Ontario, CA 91764

DESCRIPTION: Complete build-out of (2) new retail bank locations.

New electrical panels at both branches.
Teller counters with extensive power requirements. New lighting system with lighting control panels, time clocks, and low-voltage override devices.
ATM locations with security lighting.

Electrical contract: $ 52,497.00
General Contractor:   Taslimi Construction
Architect:   Area Architecture
Electrical Engineer:   Syska & Henessey, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA

DESCRIPTION: Diesel Generator and UPS Power for Ceridian payroll Data Center.

Install new 350 KVA. three-phase Generator set.
Generator located approximately 100 feet from the main building. Underground conduit and cables for 600 amps.of power.
Install 600 amp three phase, Automatic Transfer Switch. Install new back-up power to existing distribution boards.
Supply and Install 75 KVA Mitsubishi UPS Equipment. Connect battery systems with internal 200 amp. panelboards.
Interface all existing circuits to new emergency back-up power.

General Contractor:   Next>Edge Inc. / Arden Realty Inc.
Architect:   H&P Systems, Inc.
Westwood, CA

DESCRIPTION:A two floor remodel in very prestigious office complex.

Over 30,000 sq. feet of tenant improvement work. Extensive power distribution to tenant's furniture and work stations.
Fast track project to accomodate expedited move-in date.

General Contractor:   Sierra Pacific Constructors
Architect:   Shubin + Donaldson
    GSA-Social Services,
West Los Angeles, CA

DESCRIPTION: 13,000 Sq. feet of Government office space.

New lighting and power throughout. New panelboards and transformers. Installed to very high Government engineered specification.
Field-tested and certified by Government engineers.
General Contractor:   Coastal Pacific Construction
Architect:   DSR Design, Inc.
Electrical Engineer:   Syska Hennessy Group
    Tweeter Entertainment,
Costa Mesa, CA

DESCRIPTION: 9,000 Sq. feet. Home theatre and electronic audio super-store.

Design build electrical service for new retail space. Install 1200 amps of new power,
distributed to (2) x 400 amp. Panels, (1) x 200 amp. Panel and (2) x 125 amp. Panels.

Extensive showroom low voltage lighting. Track lighting and Lutron wireless dimming system.
Install over 150 power outlets and 20 flush floor boxes throughout the store. Provide new electrical service for elevator equipment.
(8) new roof-top Air conditioning units and (8) new Fan coils.

Electrical contract $ 145,000.00 Excluding light fixtures provided by owner.

General Contractor:   Coastal Pacific Construction
Architect:   Cortland, Morgan, AIA. Texas
    Kubic Marketing,
El Segundo, CA

DESCRIPTION:Approximately 60,000 sq. feet. Warehouse, manufacturing and office facility.

Install (1) new 600 amp. three-phase 480 volt Panelboard.
Install (1) new 400 amp. three-phase 480 volt Panelboard.
(3) x 225 amp. three-phase Panelboards and (3) x 125 amp. Panelboards.
(1) 112 KVA Transformer and (1) 75 KVA Transformer.

Install new custom lighting in 23,000 sq. feet of office space.
New power system throughout. Extensive Tel / data system.

Install (2) new 225 amp. 480 volt rooftop electrical panels.
Install power to (24) new Air Conditioning units.
Provide smoke detector interface/shut down system for all A/C units.
Install conduits and boxes for (24) thermostat devices.

Electrical contract $177,000.00

General Contractor for T.I. work:   Sierra Pacific Constructors
General Contractor for core & shell:   Steton Construction Group
Architect:   Shubin + Donaldson
Electrical Engineer:   Simon Wong & Associates
    Nachshin & Weston,
11755 Wilshire Blvd. West Los Angeles, CA

DESCRIPTION: 8000 Sq. foot build out for Law firm.

New light fixtures and power throughout.
Hi-tech reception area and two conference rooms.

General Contractor:   Sierra Pacific Constructors
Architect:   Belzberg Architects
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